Adam Cole On If There’s A Larger Desire To Go To WWE Main Roster


Adam Cole has done it all in NXT, but he still hasn’t received his main roster call-up. He is facing Pat McAfee at NXT TakeOver: XXX which seems like a spot given to him because he has to be featured, but doesn’t fit into any title picture.

While speaking to TV Insider, Adam Cole spoke about what he has left to do in NXT. He feels as though the Undisputed Era has more stories to tell. This could be a time of transition for them, but it might also signify that the Undisputed Era will continue being a part of NXT as it blossoms as a brand.

To say I never want to Raw or SmackDown would be an absolute lie. I think someday it would be cool to try my talents over there. At the same time, one of my favorite parts of NXT aside from the fact I really do believe in the show is being involved in something on the upswing and something that’s growing. I remember when I was in Ring of Honor. There was a really cool thing that was happening where Ring of Honor was blowing up a little bit. We were selling out the Hammerstein Ballroom and forming a relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was so exciting to be part of a group you feel is really blossoming into something special.

I feel like NXT is really blossoming into something special. Selfishly, I don’t want to miss out on that. I’m really enjoying my time here and feel there is more for me to do. I feel like there is more for the Undisputed Era to do. As a group, we have been a dominant force in NXT. ’m in no rush to leave NXT. At the same time do I think the Undisputed Era would be effective on Raw and SmackDown? Absolutely. 

Adam Cole has a lot to prove in WWE, but he doesn’t seem finished with NXT just yet. The company signed all four members of Undisputed Era to new multi-year contracts last year so they certainly aren’t going anywhere.

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