Vince McMahon is a complicated man with many stories about him. He can be a ruthless businessman, but he also has a soft spot.

Raymond Rougeau recently spoke to Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast where he revealed a very personal story about a hard time in his life. He was going through a divorce in 1997, and Vince McMahon noticed that he was having a hard time.

Rougeau says that Mr. McMahon wanted to speak with him in his office. That meeting lasted far longer than Raymond Rougeau ever expected. He witnessed Vince McMahon say that the pay-per-view that night wasn’t as important as the issues McMahon was helping him with.

“I always liked Vince.  A lot of people have had a lot of different things to say about Vince.  Personally, I only have respect for the man.  I consider him a friend.  I went through a divorce back in 1997.  It was a bit of a difficult time at that point. Vince heard about it.  We were at a PPV in New England.  We were in a production meeting in the afternoon.  As we left, Vince said, Ray, how are you doing?  I said fine, how are you?  He said, can we chat later? I would like to have a talk with you.  I said ok.  A little while later, he took me into his office, just him and I.  He said I heard you were going through a rough time right now.  I said, yes I am Vince and thanks for asking.  He stayed there talking with me to make me feel good and cheering me up.” 


“I remember Kevin Dunn knocked on the door and it was a live PPV that night.  He said, ‘Vince, I need to talk to you because we have a problem.’  He said, ‘not right now.  I’m with Ray.’  We are there another 15 minutes, he knocks again and Kevin said, ‘Vince we need to talk to you.’  Vince said, ‘I told you, Raymond is my priority right now.’  He said, ‘I don’t want to be bothered.’  I told him ‘you can go take care of business’ and he said, ‘no, you are my priority right now.’”

“For me, that blew me away.  He has a live PPV in a couple of hours and his priority is my well being. He’s running a multi-million dollar business, he’s live on the air on a PPV in a couple hours.  For me, I never forgot that.  At one point, the third time, Kevin said ‘please, we need to talk to you.’  I said ‘Vince, go ahead.’  Vince gave me his home phone number.  He said ‘if you need to talk, you call me.  If it’s 1, 2, 3 in the morning, that’s the phone next to my bed and said, you call me if you need to talk.’”

Vince McMahon might not have a ton of time to sit around his office and talk about relationships. He is a very busy man trying to keep WWE ahead of so many other unexpected situations.

That time McMahon took out of his day certainly meant a lot to Raymond Rougeau. He didn’t even have to wait outside of Vince McMahon’s office for hours in order to get that meeting.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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