Social media can be a tricky place to live, especially if you don’t follow the community guidelines. One of Lana’s recent posts got pulled from Instagram and she’s not happy about it.

The Ravishing Russian posted yesterday saying that she had sex with her husband Miro in the Black Sea and that tank Rusev rode in on during WrestleMania 31. That post was apparently too hot for Instagram and they deleted it.

Lana was not happy at all about this. She unleashed a post on Instagram about how Instagram is prejudice toward everything that her post pertained to.

Instagram is prejudice towards the Black Sea, prejudice towards the Bulgarian brute, towards Bulgaria. Because I don’t see any other reason why all 95 percent of IG can post explicit content but I can’t post a picture kissing my Bulgarian husband in Bulgaria ??? But all the Americans in America can ? At least #tiktok apologizes for being prejudice but IG you are the worst ! You allow me to get bullied by so many people on here and then discriminate towards REAL LOVE ! PLEASE SHARE


It is unclear exactly why Instagram took Lana’s post down. It wasn’t really all that explicit of a post to begin with. She was only posting to plug her YouTube channel. Something about that post triggered someone at Instagram.

We’ll have to see if Lana gets her post back. This isn’t the first time that Lana had issues with her content getting taken off social media. She had ton of TikTok videos removed for showing too much skin.

Felix Upton

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