Latest On WWE Retribution Faction Members & CM Punk’s Involvement


WWE Retribution sounds more like a pay-per-view event from the Attitude Era than a stable. It’s 2020 and we’ve been told that the motto in WWE is “throw sh*t at the wall, see what sticks.”

Ringside News has learned that WWE is totally playing it by ear with the Retribution faction. They don’t even know who the members will be yet. Rumors about the masked members on SmackDown being stand-ins are correct.

Rumors about CM Punk being the one behind Retribution are not correct. A member of the writing team with knowledge of the situation confirmed that WWE has no plans for this to be the vehicle for the Second City Savior’s return.

We were given an exact statement that also turned into a question: “this Retribution thing is a catastrophe so far, isn’t it?” The term “no direction” was used multiple times throughout our conversation.

It would be nice to imagine that Vince McMahon has a long-term plan for Retribution. An invading army of masked figures has a lot of potential. That is not the case this time in WWE.

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