Santana and Ortiz were LAX in Impact Wrestling, but they didn’t carry that name over with them to AEW. Now they are Proud n Powerful and members of the Inner Circle. The two are on TNT every week, but some fans aren’t happy about how they are being used.

One critical fan commented on a tweet from Santana that said Proud n Powerful are “the BEST.” Then he asked anyone to prove them wrong. This fan commented saying: “I had such high hopes for you when you joined AEW. But you have done absolutely nothing of note really. Go back to IMPACT.”

It didn’t take long for Santana to fire back a reply to this fan. They obviously aren’t happy with Santana and Ortiz’s placement in AEW, but Santana doesn’t seem to care.

I had such high hopes of people understanding the concept of building and patience…but


Of course you cant put much faith in humanity. Go back to watching wrestling.

AEW provided Santana and Ortiz with a great opportunity. They also likely made a pretty penny on those Inner Circle t-shirts.

The story for Proud n Powerful is far from over in All Elite Wrestling. If you’re not a fan of what they’re doing right now odds are you will be happy in time.

H Jenkins

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