Charlotte Flair became WWE NXT Women’s Champion at WrestleMania, and she carried that title proudly. During her reign as champion she wanted to inspire others who were once in her shoes.

Flair entered WWE without any prior pro wrestling experience. She is Ric Flair’s daughter, which was apparent as she was a natural in the ring. While speaking to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Charlotte Flair spoke about her intentions in NXT.

She has been able to reach many heights in the pro wrestling industry. Others in NXT will hopefully look at her success and be inspired to do the same.

“I don’t want to say that I’ve added more to NXT, I just hope the talent in that locker room at NXT go, ‘this woman is NXT homegrown and look at what she’s done in her career.’ That’s what I strive for. I don’t say, ‘do I added to the show, the locker room, am I getting girls over?’ There’s no right answer for that. My answer is, I hope the women in the locker room look at me and go, ‘Damn, she’s done it all and I want to do it too. What has it taken her to do that?’ For me, the answer is consistency. Whether the storyline is for you or not for you, whether you’re apart of it, you shine no matter what. It’s not about how many moves, it’s the story you portray and how you hold yourself. If you learn anything in a ring with me and we’re trying to tell a story; remember the story and who you are as a character because that’s what the audience connects with.” 


Charlotte Flair previously spoke about how she wished that WWE had given her a bit more time in NXT. They needed her on the main roster, and now she is out of action after needing plastic surgery.

Flair will be back in the ring. In the meantime, she is certainly watching from home and likely paying special attention to the NXT Women’s Division to see if she made an impression on them.

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