WWE Superstars are not employees of the company even though they sign exclusive contracts and the company dictates their schedules. They are considered independent contractors. This means that they are not granted the same benefits that other employees receive.

Employees of WWE have health insurance, but WWE Superstars do not. This is one of the primary arguments when talk of unionization arises.

While speaking to Ad Age, Stephanie McMahon discussed WWE’s policy in terms of health insurance. The company will pay for injuries and rehab. Other issues are not taken care of by the company including health insurance.

“So our talent are all independent contractors, so we actually don’t provide medical insurance for our talent,” McMahon stated. “We pay for all injuries, any surgeries or anything related to all in-ring injuries. We do have substance and abuses protocols that we offer our talent both current and retired. So anyone that’s ever had issues with drug and alcohol abuse, they can be a part of this program. WWE itself, for our employees, we do have health, medical and overall wellness and mental health.”


The topic of conversation revolved around the COVID-19 pandemic in big way. Since the coronavirus is neither an injury or rehab that gives all indications that a WWE Superstar is responsible for their own medical treatment for the disease. That treatment can be very costly depending on the regiment that the doctor prescribes.

WWE will not likely change their policy until they are forced to do so. Adding health insurance as a perk for Superstars would cost WWE a lot of money and they obviously like the system they are currently working under.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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