Matt Hardy Proposes He Drop The Broken Gimmick In AEW


Matt Hardy arrived in AEW, but it wasn’t as planned. Instead of an arena of fans chanting “delete,” he debuted during the conclusion of the first-ever Dynamite inside an empty Daily’s Place. The current world’s situation could have contributed to a big change of pace for Hardy.

The AEW star released a video statement where he discussed his run in AEW so far. He voiced frustrations and admitted how so many others are frustrated as well.

He decided to drop the Broken gimmick and present a “highlight reel” of Hardy’s previous persona. He also took a little shot at what Jeff Hardy is currently engaged in over in WWE.

Matt Hardy was in a storyline with Sammy Guevara, but The Spanish God was suspended in the middle of their feud.

Matt said it’s a frustrating time as Democrats and Republicans fight over the coronavirus and “weaponize” it against each other. He also addressed how his character in AEW reflected that change in time.

Hardy then proposed that perhaps he simply become himself for the first time ever. He wondered if the Broken gimmick should disappear along with all the other characters. That way he can be himself for once.

This was a statement that you could tell took a great amount of thought. We’ll have to see what’s next for Matt Hardy in AEW.

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