Eric Young is back with Impact Wrestling and he is getting a much bigger spotlight there than he ever did in WWE. The former SaNITy leader found himself sitting at home long enough and he has a lot to say about WWE now that he can speak freely.

Young appeared on Busted Open Radio and he had a much different experience in NXT than the main roster. He felt as though he did everything he could and he made it to WWE which was his goal. Young had nothing but good things to say about NXT, but then his transition to the main roster didn’t work out at all.

WWE broke up his stable and took him off television. He soon found himself wondering what was wrong when they couldn’t figure out how to use him. He wasn’t playing the political game and didn’t want to wait outside of Vince McMahon’s office for five minutes of his time either.

“It was time to move on from the structure of the current company. I felt I had done everything I was going to be allowed to do there. Obviously the WWE was a place I wanted to work my whole career. That’s what I grew up watching. That was the goal when I started wrestling. My first goal was to sign a contract and say I do this for a living. Signing my first contract with TNA around 2004 was the first time I signed a contract there full time and I could officially say I was a pro wrestler. My other goal was to make it to the WWE so that was a huge reason for wanting to go there. The NXT part went great. I was treated well. Hunter and I worked very closely on the development of Sanity and the group. I really felt like I had a say in what went on. Obviously not final say, but I was listened to and was asked to contribute. At the time, Sanity was one of the top acts in the whole company. We were on every show. We won tag team of the year. War Games won match of the year. I could be put on anywhere on the card and be utilized in a very good way.”


“I transitioned to the main roster and that did not go well. You know and people know that sometimes you fall out of favor. It is nothing you did or didn’t do. I never changed who I was. I’m not going to. That’s not who I am. I’m not a political person. I never have been. That’s probably a bit of a hindrance for my career is that I’m not political. I refuse to be political. The truth is a bunch of guys who left there have talked about it so we don’t have to go on about it. But, the system is broken. It’s hard to get a word in. Even when you are doing nothing, it feels like you are just trying to fix people’s mistakes all day. There is no creativity. They want everyone to do things the same and be the same and sell the same. There are millions of rules which I’m sure you guys have all heard and talked about on the show at length. Those change daily. It’s really hard to understand what’s going on and why it is going on. The system is flawed and I would say that to anyone there. I would say it to Vince himself. I’m definitely not the first person he has made a mistake on and I won’t be the last person he made a mistake on. I don’t think it’s anything personal. Anytime me and him were in a room together or we spoke, he was always respectful. We had two pretty decent long conversations. I thought they went well and he understood where I was coming from. I’m a man and I’m not going to stand in a hallway for four hours to talk to him. I’m just not going to do that. That could be wrong on my part and it could be stubborn on my part. I’m a 40-year-old man and I’m not going to wait in the hallway like a child to maybe get 5 minutes to talk to him. I said my piece to him.”

WWE’s writing system has changed even after Eric Young was released on April 15th. He was seldom used, and when he did pop up, it usually made headlines because it was such a rarity.

The fact that he re-entered Impact Wrestling in a World Title match is a very good sign that things are going to work out much better for him this time around.

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