Randy Orton is a master of Twitter banter and much like his character in WWE, one can never guess who’s getting a taste of The Viper’s fangs and when.

Independent Wrestler RJ City took to his Twitter to joke about why he’s not in a wrestling video game yet. City said that his fans should stop asking him when he’ll be in a wrestling video game and go tell the video game companies to pay “a deserved price” for his “charismatic likeness” compared to all the other “bloated a**holes” on their roster.

Stop asking when I’m gonna be in a wrestling video game. Maybe ask the video game companies when they’re gonna pay a deserved price for my charismatic likeness compared to every other bloated asshole on their rosters.

City’s tweet caught the Viper’s attention and thus he struck out of nowhere on the Indie Star.


Orton sarcastically bragged about making 6 figures by being on a 2K video-game cover and asked City to guide him to a professional nutritionist because he wouldn’t want to be on it as a “bloated a**hole”.

Question. Am I a bloated asshole? Seriously. Wanna know. If I am, then please guide me to a professional nutritionist. I don’t want to be NOT in a video game because I am bloated. Shit, heard the cover of that 2K shit banks 6 figures. Wait… (checking…yes, it in fact does)

Orton’s Twitter feuds are always entertaining and needless to say, the Legend Killer is well versed in the art of trolling people.

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Darshan Sheth

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