WWE’s Reported Plan For Matt Riddle Revealed


Matt Riddle jumped right into the Intercontinental Title picture when he made his move to the main roster. He will get an IC Title match this week against AJ Styles, but what is WWE planning for the Original Bro?

There are a lot of options for Matt Riddle right now in WWE. The company could set him up for a big program with Styles, but it’s likely that he’ll have another heel to deal with first.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “Styles vs. Riddle is supposed to transition Riddle’s program to Corbin.” It wasn’t specified exactly how the company plans to accomplish that, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Baron Corbin get involved in Riddle’s IC Title dreams.

We previously reported that Corbin has a backstage reputation of not only being respected, but also for being a legit tough guy. This could be an interesting rivalry as Riddle had to prove himself against King Corbin.

Matt Riddle likely has big things in store for him on the WWE main roster. He will have to get through King Corbin first.

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