Will Ospreay Reveals He Recently Came ‘Very Close’ To Committing Suicide

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Will Ospreay is one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet, but he recently revealed a very dark truth about himself. He had very painful thoughts that nearly caused him to take his own life.

Ospreay revealed via an Instagram story that he recently suffered through suicidal ideations. In this message, Ospreay said that a “few weeks ago, I came very close to something I know I’d regret.” He also stated that he is “still dragging my feet to get better.”

This was followed by him saying that suicide isn’t an option “even when you feel like you’ve dropped the world.” He followed this up by thanking those who were able to help him during his time of need.

This is a very serious and candid message from Will Ospreay. 2020 is a very difficult time for a lot of people, especially pro wrestlers who can’t do what they love. Hopefully, Ospreay will be doing much better soon.

Our thoughts are with Will Ospreay and anyone else dealing with similar issues during this time. If you or anyone you know is having thoughts of suicide call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


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