Naomi Says Women In WWE Are ‘Fighting For Better’ Than A Karaoke Segment


WWE Friday Night SmackDown featured a karaoke segment that did’t seem to do much of anything for anyone involved. Lacey Evans seemingly turned heel during the segment, but that might have been the only purpose.

Naomi posted about the segment on SmackDown. She stated in a caption: “I don’t start mess I finish it @laceyevanswwe this ain’t over heffa (and sorry brother Jey Uso I was trying to drag her not you).” Fans didn’t seem to react too favorably.

D-Von Dudley commented on it saying: “I love it! That’s the way you handle business. Plus you can add a table or two.” Naomi had a different view of her SmackDown return.

A fan commented saying that he would rather watch them wrestle. Naomi replied saying: “Yeah me too but a lot of times we have to make chicken salad out of chicken [poo emoji] I’m so sorry.”

Another fan commented with a like-minded opinion. Naomi said: “Trust me we are fighting for better.”

It looks like the WWE Women’s Revolution is still ongoing. Let’s see if things get better for them. With the possibility of Evolution II on the horizon, we’ll have to see if WWE starts changing things around.

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