New Japan Pro Wrestling returned to action and two of their stars are now out of action with similar injuries.

NJPW revealed that both YOSHI-HASHI and YOH have suffered knee injuries. At this time there is no idea when either of them will return to action.

YOH posted on blog titled “About The Knee” where addressed his injury. He stated that an ACL tear was discovered following an MRI. In text translated from Japanese YOH wrote:

As announced in the official New Japan Pro Wrestling, I was injured in the game on the 23rd last month.

The cause was the landing when I flew out of the field, and at the same time when I landed, my knees became blunt and I felt that it was more dangerous than pain.

I fought because I had to make a match somehow, but I couldn’t squeeze in my knees and I couldn’t finish it. The result is a defeat.

After the match, I had Sugano trainer see me, I took an MRI the next day, and I had a diagnosis at the hospital on the 25th. The result was an anterior cruciate ligament rupture.

The first major injury in my life. The first hospitalization in my life. And surgery is needed. Missed the match.

An injury at this timing when professional wrestling resumed.When I heard the doctor’s diagnosis, I fell into a rush.



It was a moment when I was depressed.

The injury will heal.

This injury is a complete cure.You can play again.Turn around quickly. For that reason as well, I will spend a lot of time to cure it firmly.

Wrestling is a sport of adversity.Be sure to get over it!

A few years later, it will be about “Oh, I’ve done the cross before”.

This is fate.

I want to spend time facing myself while imagining a future beyond that that makes me feel nostalgic for this road that I am currently taking.

Thank you, Mr. Kenta Sato, the referee who allowed me to play until the end.I am grateful to my opponents as well… I haven’t done so, so I will return if I lose!

And before the fans who always support me, and until the day when I can play well, I will take a rest for a while. So please wait a moment.

Power up and come back.


No, but I went to the hospital on June 25. It’s a birthday. ..Yes. Birthday gifts are diagnostic results and crutches. ..

I never want to have such a birthday again! !! !! !! !! !! !!

Live hard lol☆


At this time there is no exact word on the extent of YOSHI-HASHI’s injury.

This is obviously bad timing as NJPW was just getting back into the groove of things by producing new content. Hopefully, they can heal up fast and get back to action.

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