John Cena Calls Matches In The Ring Too Loud For Today’s WWE Microphones Says Bruce Prichard


There are a few ways to put together a wrestling match. Some Superstars like to map everything out and memorize each spot, but others like to call it in the ring. This became a bigger issue when technology improved.

During Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed John Cena’s proclivity to call matches in the ring. Prichard gave Cena all the credit in the world for calling matches on the fly. He could go about it at a lower volume.

The current Executive Producer over RAW and SmackDown then stated that old-timers used to call their moves even louder than Cena does. The main difference is the old-timers didn’t have such sensitive microphones.

“There are different schools of thought here. First of all, the improvement of the audio from the ring mics and everything else which are turned up so that you can hear more of the match. Here’s the difference, Cena likes to call a lot of the stuff in the ring. He’s not one of those guys who can go out and memorize an entire match and then just go out and do it. He likes to get out and feel it and call it, so to that I give him credit. Could he be more discreet and quiet? Yes. But if you were to have the microphones as sensitive as they are back in the day with old-timers? The old-timers called them louder than that. The only difference is we never picked them up. Nobody was smart, they didn’t know what they were doing anyway. If you heard someone call, ‘Hip Toss’, if you heard it in the first row, you just thought he was telling the guy what he is going to do, and not putting it all together. That’s people being too smart for their own good.”

John Cena hasn’t wrestled an actual match in front of zero live fans. The Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania didn’t include any opportunities to call a move in the ring either.

The microphones are picking up even more instances of wrestlers talking to each other now. We can only imagine how much the microphone would pick up if there were no fans drowning out him calling moves.

Thanks to Sportskeeda for the quote

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