Dave Lagana replied to allegations made by Liz Savage and he denied a majority her her damning testimony. New video evidence discussing his WWE exit could point toward a history of sexual misconduct as well.

“Ring Of Hell” author Matthew Randazzo tweeted out several times concerning Lagana. He stated that Lagana had an incident with a Senior Executive at AEW concerning his inappropriate behavior. He also wondered what kind of vetting process other companies did before hiring him.

This was concluded by him saying that AEW has been contacted and urged to help with this movement.

I will not share senior AEW exec/Lagana story because involves vulnerable 3rd party. Reminder 1: I have no personal opinion; just reporting from 10+ sources. Reminder 2: I originally wrote book to call out systemic culture of abuse and exploitation…13 years ago.


Reminder: after multi colleagues went on record to discuss WWE writer Dave Lagana accusations of sexual misconduct w employees, companies ROH, TNA, and NWA all hired him in what I believe were exec capacities. What due diligence was done to protect employees?

Lastly, if the accusations dating back to WWE are all false, it is an extremely large conspiracy involving many people for well over a decade never wavering. It also involves name people I just met.

I have asked @AEWonTNT’s press contact for corroboration on the story. I will update once I hear more. It is my expectation and hope that, if the story is true, AEW leadership will showcase courage and real investment in reforming this industry by sharing what they know.

Dave Lagana has not answered to these new stories that have resurfaced in the past couple of days. He did staunchly deny the incriminating elements of Liz Savage’s story.

Keep checking back with Ringside News as we continue to cover this story and everything else going on in pro wrestling today.

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