Former Wrestler Offers Free Services To Replace Sexist Commentary For #SpeakingOut Movement

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The #SpeakingOut movement is still going. Victims are finding the courage to out those who targeted them throughout the years, but it’s impossible to change the past. If those terrible memories are triggered by something said on commentary during a pro wrestling show then there might be an option to help.

Portia Perez is a former pro wrestler and she obviously cares about the #SpeakingOut movement as well. She put out an offer that some might not be able to refuse.

Perez offered her services free of charge to anyone who wants to edit out offensive commentary. She sent out a tweet on Sunday night that generated a lot of interest within the pro wrestling community already.

Promoters/Wrestlers: If you have footage that has been ruined by misogynistic or sexualized commentary, contact me. I am offering free commentary to anyone wanting to fix this footage for the right reasons. My only condition is that affected workers get free copies of the corrected shows.

Portia Perez went on to explain that she needs footage of the shows without commentary. She has experience on commentary with Shimmer so this wouldn’t be her first time calling matches since her 2015 retirement from the ring.

We’ll have to see if there is any interest in Perez’s offer. She might find herself with a lot of projects very soon. It will be worth it so those wrestlers can rewatch their matches without offensive commentary.
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