The #SpeakingOut movement is still a popular subject of conversation in the pro wrestling world. Accusations are still being dealt with as more could be on the horizon. RVD has a unique way of looking at the situation.

RVD has seen a lot during his veteran career. He might not have agree with everything that went on around him. He stated that the #SpeakingOut movement is like mobsters talking to the police. The pro wrestling business has come a long way and now “karma is catching up.”

So, the “me too” movement has infiltrated pro wrestling? F-U-U-C-K!! This is like mobsters speaking out on infractions of the law they’ve encountered. It’s come a long way from the closed door society it once was, but karma has a way of catching up.

One fan stated that the old NWA system was set up like an organized crime syndicate. RVD replied to that tweet by saying: “Another way to put it, harassment, hazing and offensive ‘joking’ is stained into the industry like smoke in the drapes.”


RVD has a way with words and it’s just too appropriate that he worked smoke into his analogy. We will keep a close eye on this situation right here at Ringside News.

Felix Upton

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