Update: Matt Riddle and WWE might be taking his accuser to court for defamation of character and cyber stalking.

Original: Pete Dunne has been very vocal in showing his support to the victims who are sharing their stories of abuse through the #SpeakingOut movement.

Stallion Dunne’s Tag Team partner and good friend Matt Riddle was accused by indie wrestler Candy Cartwright of forcing himself upon her. As of this writing, Riddle has not yet responded to the accusation.

A fan brought Cartwright’s accusations against Riddle to Dunne’s attention. Dunne responded by saying that he’s shocked and disgusted after hearing these stories come up on Twitter.


I’m shocked and disgusted by what I am hearing across the board, whether it’s friends, tag partners or anyone else and I am listening to everything.

And just to add of course I don’t know the ins and outs out any claims being made about anyone unless there is clear proof. I’m reading for the first time like everyone else but I want wrestling to be a much safer place and I’m keeping up to date and speaking out the best I can.

He said that he is listening to every story, even if they’re about his Tag Team partners or friends. The Bruiserweight also clarified that he doesn’t know the ins and outs of Cartwright’s accusations because he, just like others, is reading them for the first time.

Darshan Sheth

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