Why Bianca Belair Disappeared From WWE RAW


Bianca Belair was called up to the RAW brand joining her husband Montez Ford and his tag team partner Angelo Dawkins. The three were paired together for a few weeks, and then the EST Of WWE disappeared from the picture.

Belair is still on Main Event from time to time, but she’s not on RAW. A lot of fans were worried that there was some sort of issue. It was reportedly just a matter of her not fitting in.

Dave Meltzer jumped on the Wrestling Observer Message Board where he explained what happened to Bianca Belair. WWE was positioning her to join the Street Profits, but then the company decided on comedy segments where she didn’t fit in.

“She was introduced. Then somebody decided on wacky skits she didn’t fit in. So they didn’t put her on TV because she wasn’t in any program. Now it’s a new cycle and we’ll see.”

Montez Ford said that Bianca Belair made the Street Profits’ bowling shirts, his golfing pants, and other clothing for them to wear. He stated this made her feel like she is a part of things even if she’s not on screen.

WWE hasn’t given up on Bianca Belair. She has a huge upside to her character and is an amazing athlete. It seems she simply didn’t fit into plans this time.

Let’s see what WWE does in the future because the chemistry that Bianca Belair as with the Street Profits is undeniable.

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