Johnny Gargano Banged Up After WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House

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Johnny Gargano lost an intense match against Keith Lee at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. He will certainly be feeling that match in the morning a well.

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Following NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Triple H did a teleconference. He was asked if there are any injuries to report. The only person he heard about at that point was Johnny Gargano. Nothing was specifically injured, but he’s having lower back and hip issues.

“The only one that I’ve heard is banged up is Johnny Gargano, just his lower back and hips are tight. He tweaked himself a little bit. Doctors don’t think it’s anything serious, but he’s just a bit battered. Everybody else seems to be great and healthy. Adrenaline is a magical thing.”

Hopefully, Johnny Gargano will be okay. It’s not the first time he gave it all during an NXT special. They call him Johnny TakeOver for a reason.

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