WWE Locker Room Legit ‘Fuming’ At Jaxson Ryker Over Donald Trump Support


The WWE locker room is full of differing opinions. This was made very clear when Jaxson Ryker’s tweet supporting Donald Trump was met with plenty of push-back from the WWE locker room.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that there is a general rule of thumb to not publicly criticize each other in the WWE locker room. There was an obvious exception made for Ryker as plenty of Superstars spoke out against his support of Trump.

It was also noted that the belief is that Ryker can’t be fired for expressing his opinion. That won’t keep the rest of the locker room from being upset with him.

According to one person high up in the company, the belief is that Lail can’t be fired for expressing freedom of speech, but that the locker room is fuming at him.

Even Ryker’s own Forgotten Sons’ tag team partners Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler spoke out against what he said. Odds are this won’t hurt Jaxson Ryker’s job, but it didn’t win him any friends in the locker room.

We will have to see if that 2017 “Soul Man” photo that recently re-surfaced changes things with his position in the company.

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