WWE NXT Superstar Crowd ‘Spoken To Like Circus Animals’


WWE NXT Superstars were chosen to stand in one place and act as live fans during the last set of television tapings. It wasn’t a very good experience.

Ringside News has learned additional details about the recent television tapings.

Kevin Dunn was a person barking orders over the loud speakers at the talent throughout the tapings. It was also implied to the NXT Superstars that they are being watched and they “better” add that extra pep.

Our source in the company informed us that Matt Bloom showed up “to let them know they’re being watched and ‘better’ do a good job.”

NXT Superstars were not allowed to eat with the main roster. Hey had to bring their own lunches and eat in tents outside. It was described to us that “the future of WWE” was “treated like crap” and “spoken to like they’re animals in the circus.”

WWE will have another live crowd of NXT Performance Center students and Superstars at their next set of tapings. They plan to record from Sunday through Wednesday before returning the next week for Backlash.

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