WWE had NXT Superstars come in for their television tapings last week. We are seeing the second round of those tapings this week. NXT Superstars played the part of fans, but it wasn’t an east day for them.

“Fans” arrived at Full Sail Arena at 10 am where they went through a medical check-up. WWE does not administer actual COVID-19 testing. Then they were taken to the WWE Performance Center where they had to basically stand in one spot for over ten hours.

It was previously reported that NXT Superstars had to bring their own lunch and eat in tents outside. They weren’t allowed into catering. It was also reported that they were spoken to like children.

Sean Ross Sapp reports that “they were also called down for sitting in between matches at one point.”

NXT Superstars were permitted to sit down in between matches during breaks. They were apparently trying to sneak a sit-down period when they weren’t supposed to.