Reby Hardy Tells Fans ‘F*ck You’ For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’


The Black Lives Matters hashtag is trending once again all over the internet for an unfortunate reason. The killing of George Floyd sparked a movement that has yet to be calmed.

Reby Hardy recently had her fill of one trend that started on social media. In response to #BlackLivesMatter tweets, some people are replying #AllLivesMatter. Reby Hardy is quite tired of seeing this diversionary reply and she addressed anyone who wants to say that to her with two simple words: “F*ck you.”

There are people out there who reply to #BlackLivesMatter tweets with #AllLivesMatter. Reby Hardy has something to say about people who feel they need to tweet something like this to change the focal point of the argument: “F*ck you.”

This is a situation that is going to spark a lot of conversations. If you’re inclined to reply that “all lives matter” in response to this movement, then you can save the tweet in Reby Hardy’s direction.

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