Bully Ray Reveals Alternative Name He Pitched To WWE That Vince McMahon Loved

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Bully Ray is a WWE Hall Of Famer under the name Bubba Ray Dudley, but he didn’t want to keep that name in WWE throughout his entire run. He pitched the Bully Ray idea to WWE, but it was rejected due to their B A Star anti-bullying programs.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Bully Ray revealed that he had a back-up name for Bully Ray since it was too hot for WWE television. Vince McMahon seemed to be on board with this back-up name as well, but they just couldn’t make it work for some mysterious reason.

“The back-up name was going to be ‘The Intimidator’ Bubba Ray. [Vince] loved it.”

Bully Ray revealed that a part of the story comes next that he cannot tell right now. We can only assume he’s referring to why The Intimidator Bubba Ray never saw the light of day. He did give fans hope that they might someday hear the rest of that story.

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