Nikki Bella Urges Fans To Stay Safe & ‘Keep On Shining’ In Response To Protests

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Protest across the country have re-sparked a greater conversation within American society. There are always risks involved with joining any sort of protest and Nikki Bella hopes everyone stays safe through it all.

Bella posted a heartfelt message along with a list of addresses for anyone who would like to contribute. While urging fans not to let anyone shine darkness in their light, Bella said to keep shining.

Everyone please stay safe. Praying for all of you. Remember your soul is so beautiful. Don’t let them shine darkness in your light. Keep on shining. We all will become ONE. “One Love. One heart. Let’s get together and feel all right.” Once and for all.

Plenty of WWE Superstars have spoken on the current events sweeping the country. Ronda Rousey released a passionate message calling for police reform as well.

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