Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho started an angle on AEW Dynamite last night that drew a lot of attention. We’ll have to see if it popped a ratings, but the Internet Wrestling Community took notice.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, it was explained that AEW needs to draw mainstream attention. They are known in the wrestling world, but the average viewer still thinks of WWE when pro wrestling is mentioned.

Bringing in a name like Mike Tyson is certainly going to get eyes on the product. The fact that Mike Tyson loves AEW is an added bonus.


It was noted that “normally” an angle like Jericho and Tyson’s would last until the next pay-per-view. It’s unknown how they will keep things going until All Out in September. The fact that Mike Tyson “doesn’t come cheap” could also be an issue.

This likely won’t be a one-shot appearance for Mike Tyson on Dynamite. It was also noted that AEW is taping next week’s Dynamite today and Mike Tyson is still there. It’s unknown if he will appear on next week’s show as well.

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