Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher went to war to conclude WWE NXT this week. It was a brutal match in the fight pit with Kurt Angle as special guest referee.

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Matt Riddle landed a kick to Thatcher’s face that knocked teeth out. Timothy Thatcher was bleeding as the medical staff checked on him as they cut to commercial.

When they came back, they brutal match continued as Thatcher took control. Riddle got loose and he tried to lock in a Bromission, but Thatcher fought out of it.


They continued pounding on each other as they tried to gain an advantage. Thatcher tried for a triangle armbar, but Riddle blocked it and deadlifted him up. Thatcher sat on the top of the cage and kicked Riddle back.

They made their way to the top tier of the fight pit before Thatcher kicked Riddle and gained control up top. They landed a few stiff shots while standing on the platform. Riddle landed several kicks, but then Thatcher caught a kick and went for an ankle lock. Riddle tried to crawl away, but Thatcher held on.

Riddle finally knocked Thatcher down before landing a dive on his opponent. They continued until Timothy Thatcher latched on a chokehold and won the match.

Timothy Thatcher won the match via TKO. This could be a fitting way for the Original Bro to leave NXT.

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