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Tonight’s episode of Dynamite is the go-home show ahead of Double Or Nothing this weekend. Jon Moxley faces 10 from the Dark Order tonight, before facing Brodi Lee for the AEW Championship. Lee still has Moxley’s belt, so suffice to say Jon will mean business tonight.
Other matches tonight include Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara, Nyla Rose Vs. Britt Baker, MJF Vs. Marko Stunt, Rey Fenix Vs. Orange Cassidy, and a sit-down between Arn Anderson and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, which should be pretty cool.
And that’s the preview for this go-home episode of Dynamite. Follow along on the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!


This week’s AEW opens with a limousine arriving at the arena and out steps The Inner Circle. An interviewer approaches and Jericho says “wait until you see what we do to The Elite tonight.” The interviewer asks what’s gonna happen and they berate him and walk off.

It’s time for our first match and Brodi Lee comes out with 10. Brodi says he wants to address the viewers at home. He asks 10 to take a knee and he does so. Lee says maybe we cannot relate to him because of the kind of athlete he is; but he is no God, just a man. A man who has come into possession of the AEW World Championship. He operates at an Elite level and the Dark Order are the lions of AEW. Results speak for themselves and come Saturday, he has to win. Not only to satisfy his own hunger, but to pay the loyalty of his men. Lee promotes 10 to a High Knight of the Dark Order, then instructs him to hurt Jon Moxley.


10 W/Brodi Lee Vs. Jon Moxley

The bell rings and Moxley hits a running high knee. Moxley catches a kick and hits a capture suplex. Moxley hits a release suplex, then stomps 10 in the corner and trash talks him. Moxley argues with the referee, allowing 10 to hit him from behind. Jon rolls to the apron, where 10 hits a pump kick.
10 sends Moxley into the barricade, then hits a back suplex on the apron. 10 gets Moxley back in the ring and hits a ripcord cutter. Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift out of nowhere but doesn’t go for the cover. Moxley hits a piledriver, followed by a second Paradigm Shift for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Moxley goes out and brings a few chairs into the ring. He gets on the microphone and says he’s going to give Brodi 10 seconds to come out and correct his mistake, or he’ll break 10’s arm. Moxley wraps 10’s arm inside a chair and starts counting but Lee appears on the screen. Lee says Moxley doesn’t call the shots and this Saturday night he’s going to put Moxley to bed. He says Moxley made this personal and we all have to make sacrifices, so he’s leaving. Moxley says he’ll see him on Saturday, then uses a chair to hit 10’s arm inside the other chair.
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Jim Ross makes mention of the tragic death of former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard.

MJF W/Wardlow Vs. Marko Stunt

The match gets underway and MJF uses his strength to throw Marko around. MJF applies a bearhug but Marko claps his ears to break free. Marko ducks an elbow and attempts a sunset flip but MJF lifts him up by the throat and throws him overhead.

Stunt fires some kicks and a slap but gets knocked inside out with a lariat. MJF unloads right hands on Stunt, and Wardlow chokes him using the bottom rope. MJF throws Marko by the hair, then poses like Hogan. Marko hits a hurricanrana than sends MJF into the buckles, followed by two dropkicks. MJF avoids a third dropkick but Stunt hits him anyway.
The action spills from the ring and MJF runs into the steel steps after missing Marko. Stunt looks for a suicide dive but gets drilled with a forearm. MJF hits a shoulderbreaker, followed by the Salt of the Earth for the win.

Winner: MJF

MJF gets on the horn and says Marko lasted longer than he expected, then says nobody wants to kiss Marko but he can kiss the ring. MJF punches Marko with the ring on, then Jungle Boy and Luchasauras come out and run them off.
*Commercial Break*
Jake Robert makes his entrance, followed by Arn Anderson. Tony Schiavone is mediating this conversation. Roberts says this weekend Cody will find out that Lance Archer is a mean son of a bitch. He then asks if Arn is out of the home and he’s looking thick.
Anderson says that they’re two credible guys who can sell anything. But even sitting across this desk he can see the evil in Jake’s eyes. He says he always knew the snake was nothing but a distraction. Roberts says he’s been to hell and back, so one more trip down the road with Anderson wouldn’t be so bad. Arn calls for decorum.
Arn mentions that Mike Tyson will be there to present the TNT Championship to either Cody or Lance Archer. He says as far as he knows, Tyson will have free reign to see or do as he pleases, so Roberts better watch it. Roberts says he has promised the first shot at Tyson to Archer, and he knows he can knock him out. But it’s fine because he’s just happy that bimbo Brandi isn’t presenting the title.
Arn praises Cody and says he has turned this business on his head, but he needs to know he’s earned his success and this TNT Championship is his way to do it. Arn says we all know Jake is doing DDP Yoga and that’s good because he needs to be limber for when he spinebusters his ass. Jake jumps up and flips the table but out comes three referee to get between them.

We get an “inside look” at Darby Allin. Which amounted to 20 seconds of him standing around in black and white with some acoustic guitar playing.
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Orange Cassidy makes his entrance alongside Trent and Chuck Taylor but he sends his friends to the back. As OC is on the stage, Fenix runs and dives at him for another kick but misses. Cassidy slowly just walks to the ring.

Orange Cassidy Vs. Rey Fenix

The bell rings and Cassidy dodges a few strikes and puts his hands in his pockets. Fenix backs Cassidy into the corner but misses all his strikes and OC knocks him from the ring with a dropkick.

Fenix gets back inside and Cassidy takes him down. They exchange reversals until Fenix hits a double stomp to the back of OC’s head. Fenix lifts OC up but its countered into a sunset bomb. Fenix hits an enziguiri, followed by a step-up leg drop over the ropes for a two-count.
*Commercial Break*
Back from the break and Fenix is beating Cassidy in the corner. OC comes back with a surprising flurry of speedy strikes, followed by a suicide dive. Cassidy gets Rey back inside for a diving crossbody and tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two-count.
The two battle on the top rope until Cassidy kicks him off and hits a diving DDT for a near-fall. Cassidy puts Fenix on the top rope but gets hit with a powerbomb for a two-count. Fenix hits a elbow in the corner, then sets Cassidy on the top rope and looks for the Muscle Buster but Cassidy counters into a roll-up for a near-fall.
Fenix hits a rolling jump but gets caught with an air raid crash. Kip Sabian then comes out with a ladder and sets it up on the ramp, then climbs to the top and takes a seat. Cassidy is distracted and gets low-blowed, followed by a rolling cutter for the win.

Winner: Rey Fenix

SCU come out and tip Sabian off the ladder into the ring. Jimmy Havoc runs out and a big brawl breaks out, with Fenix hitting a big springboard dive to the outside and none of them caught him. Colt Cabana then hits a springboard Asai moonsault but nobody catches him either. More people run out and Cassidy gets thrown over the ropes onto them at ringside.
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Dr. Britt Baker & Nyla Rose Vs. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

Before the match could begin, all four start brawling. Statlander and Shida work together to beat on Rose, and Baker rolls out to avoids them. The match doe begin and Rose gets hit with forearms from Statlander. Kris hits a dropkick, then considers a suicide dive to Baker but gets his with a pounce from Rose.

Rose slams Statlander and looks to tag Baker but she doesn’t want it. Baker drops to the floor and Statlander starts firing back with right hands as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
Shida gets the tag and Irish whips Baker into Rose. Shida hits a flying knee on both of them, then throws Baker to the apron. Shida hits a running knee lift to Baker and then drags her back in the ring for a suplex and a near-fall. Statlander and Rose both tag in, with Kris and Shida slamming her into Baker in the corner.
Statlander hits an awkward Michinoku Driver for a near-fall – it wouldn’t be a Statlander match if she didn’t screw something up. Rose pulls Baker into their corner and tags her herself, then knocks Statlander down. Rose lifts her up to the top rope, but Statlander escapes and drops Rose with an electric chair drop.
Shida tags in again and hits a missile dropkick followed by a flying knee for a near-fall. Shida attempts a Suplex but Rose blocks it and hits one of her own. Rose hits a big clothesline and we see that a trainer is checking out Baker’s knee off to the side. Rose hits the Beast Bomb on Shida for the pin.

Winners: Nyla Rose & Britt Baker

After the match, Rose pulls out a table and lays Shida on it and starts climbing up top, but Statlander comes back and stops her. Shida then climbs up and superplexes the Champion through the table!
Backstage, Alex Marvez approaches Moxley and he says that everything eventually comes to violence in life. Moxley says it only gets hurt from here and it’s going to get bad at Double or Nothing. Moxley says he is putting Lee to sleep and when he wakes up he will have lost his match, whatever power he thinks he has, and all he will have left is a bunch of creepy guys in masks to repair his shattered ego.
*Commercial Break*
Shawn Spears does a news segment behind a desk and says that Dustin Rhodes has retired. He then rags on Cody before challenging Dustin Rhodes to a match. He says he has now forced AEW’s hand and they’ll have to make the match real. We go back to the commentary team and immediately get a graphic for Spears Vs. Rhodes…
Ross, Schiavone, and Excalibur give the entire rundown for AEW Double or Nothing. The PPV happens this coming Saturday and we’ll have live results coverage right here on Ringside News.
Sammy Guevara cuts a promo and says Matt Hardy tried to murder him with a golf kart. Matt Hardy says the match was supposed to be fair but ended up 5-on-2. Hardy sings a little song, telling The Inner Circle to prepare to be obsolete.
*Commercial Break*

Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara

The bell rings and Sammy ducks a punch, then grabs the back of Hardy and slaps his head. Matt backs him into a corner and slaps him hard. Matt knocks Sammy from the ring and slams his head into the steel steps three times. Hardy lifts Sammy and drops him neck-first on the guard rail.
Hardy pushes Sammy’s face against the ring post and he screams. Hardy then pulls Sammy’s arm around the ring post and yanks it. Hardy whips Guevara into the guard rail, then puts him back in the ring. Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate but Sammy counters it and kicks him in the back of the head. JR points out that Matt has been wrestling longer than Sammy has been alive.

Guevara beats Matt in the corner and hits an enziguiri. Sammy looks for a cutter but Matt counters with a reverse DDT. Guevara knocks Hardy from the ring and hits a tope as we head to the final break of the night.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Guevara attempts a standing moonsault but nobody’s home. Matt slams Sammy’s head into the buckles over and over, and hits a running crossbody. Hardy hits a side effect for a near-fall. Sammy connects with a running high knee, then a superkick, and another for a near-fall.
Guevara goes to the top rope and attempts a shooting star press but nobody’s home. Matt then hits the Twist of Fate and Sammy kicks out! Matt takes Sammy’s boot off and bites his toes, but Guevara kicks him. Guevara goes to the apron and hits a springboard cutter for a near-fall.
Sammy goes up top and looks for a shooting star press but Matt gets his knees up and covers for a two-count. Hardy then lifts Sammy and hits a second Twist of Fate and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Hardy leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair, Before he can use it, we see The Inner Circle on the football pitch, and they have Kenny Omega tied to the field goal post. They throw water over him and Jericho hits him with a bat, but then Matt and Nick Jackson appear on a raised platform and dive off onto the heels. Matt Hardy joins the fight and attacks Ortiz with a bat.

Everyone brawls over the football pitch, then Hangman Page comes sprinting from one end of the pitch to the other and attacks The Inner Circle. The babyfaces gain some momentum and run then off.
And that’s it for this week’s AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought and come back on Saturday for Double or Nothing results. Until then, stay safe.

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