Peyton Royce Reveals Very Strange Sleeping Issue


The human brain is an amazing thing. Sometimes people have no control over what they do while they sleep. This is an issue for Peyton Royce and it has become a very strange mystery.

Royce recently revealed that she has an app on her phone that records her sleep talking. She apparently speaks in her sleep on a regular basis. A recent recording was a bit strange as it sounded like she was speaking in tongues.

I have a sleep talking app that I put on sometimes. A few weeks ago I was listening to them back & I started laughing as it sounded like I was talking in another language. As if it were my first language. When I showed @Perfec10n he said it sounded like I was talking in tongue

Peyton Royce is a multi-talented performer. Apparently, she also has the ability to speak languages in her sleep while not even realizing it.

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