WWE Cancelled Long-Term Storyline ‘Similar To The McMahon Limo Explosion’ Due To Coronavirus

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WWE needed to make some major changes when COVID-19 hit America. This apparently included nixing a long-term storyline.

Wrestle Votes reports that WWE had to cancel a long-term storyline that would have lasted weeks. This was compared to the Vince McMahon limo explosion or Nexus angle. Since the crowd is such a big part of the show this angle was called off.

FWIW: I’ve been told there was a long major storyline that was to unfold over the span of weeks during the spring & summer, similar to the McMahon limo explosion or the Nexus invasion debut, that was put on hold due to no fans in attendance. Crowd reaction plays a major part.

It’s unclear if WWE will circle back around to this idea. It might be nice to see WWE pull off a long and elaborate angle. This is reportedly another thing that the novel coronavirus wrecked for everyone.

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