Rusev was released from WWE on April 15th and he has plenty of options. He already stated that remaining the Bulgarian Brute is out of the picture. Rusev could end up in many different places, but Nick Aldis wouldn’t mind spending some time with him in the NWA.

The NWA World Champion spoke to Post Wrestling when Rusev came up. Aldis had nothing but amazing things to say about Rusev as he discussed his ascent in WWE and how the company seemingly squandered his push.

“Absolutely. I mean look, you won’t find a bigger Rusev fan than me. I remember pretty much from the beginning, I would be like, ‘God, Rusev is money.’ I would text him [David Lagana] all the time, ‘God, Rusev is money,’ and he’d be like, ‘I know,’ and I remember when he first showed up on TV and they were doing kind of the Ivan Drago kind of stuff with him and Lana was very much playing that role. I was like, ‘This is money. This is perfect,’ and he worked with [John] Cena at WrestleMania so I go, ‘Okay great. They’re getting this one right. This one’s ready-made. This is a star,’ and for… whatever. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t his fault, and I think he’s a great example of, unfortunately, it’s over-engineered sometimes. There’s 50 people that are all paid to have ideas. It’s like now you have 50 ideas to sift through.”

When asked how Rusev would do in the NWA, Aldis seemed all about it. He stated that a talent like Rusev likely won’t be on the free agent market for long either. Rusev could always go back to WWE eventually, but he might not take the chance of repeating history.


“Sometimes the obvious thing is right in front of you. I felt like with Rusev it was there. Like okay, this guy, totally unique look, he’s a horse, unbelievable athlete, he can work, charisma, whole thing is ready to go. I dare say that he would be… if I were AEW and I had the resources to pay for it, I think he would probably be [at the] top of my list. I think he would probably end back up at WWE, but I’m not sure how confident I’ll be that he’ll be on the open market for very long, but hell yeah. If we could get him at the NWA, even for a short period run, it would be huge.”

Rusev could make a big impression on the NWA or anywhere he lands. He will have to wait until at least July when his non-compete clause expires. The pro wrestling world will need to open back up and get to running again, but hopefully, that will be here before we know it.

Felix Upton

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