WWE Reportedly Changing Pay-Per-View Plans Until Fans Can Return


WWE pay-per-views are usually three-hour productions, but they can go much longer. Money In The Bank was over thirty minutes shorter than the usual pay-per-view. This is a trend that is likely to continue.

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Money In The Bank was the shortest WWE pay-per-view since 2002’s Insurrextion event in the UK which was 2 hours and 23 minutes long. The event was shorter this year for a reason.

Wrestling News reports that Vince McMahon wants to start producing shorter pay-per-view events until fans can return to the building.

Vince McMahon wanted a shorter show and the plan is for pay-per-view times to be shorter until they can get fans back in the arenas.

WrestleMania was split into two nights, but each night was still the length of a usual pay-per-view. The show of shows was already booked to take place inside the massive Raymond James Stadium. WWE knew what they were going into with Money In The Bank.

WWE won’t be permitted to hold SummerSlam in Boston as they planned. Boston’s Mayor nixed those hopes when he stated that no events will be allowed until at least September 7th. SummerSlam’s August 23rd date seems to be impossible for Boston now. It will be interesting to see if SummerSlam is two nights as well.

Florida will ideally allow 25% capacity in venues very soon. This all depends on how the current pandemic pans out. Hopefully, it won’t be long until WWE fans are complaining that pay-per-views are way too long again, but at least there will be fans in the building.

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