WWE Reveals Top Suspects For Finn Balor Mystery Attacker

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Finn Balor is out to find out who attacked him on WWE NXT. He has a few people of interest, but the case remains unsolved. WWE provided some top suspects in a recent poll.

WWE’s official website posted a poll asking who fans thing attacked Finn Balor on NXT. The options were Cameron Grimes, Karrion Kross, WALTER, Adam Cole, and Someone Else.

Right now WALTER is the most likely attacker for Finn Balor. That’s a great idea and it would work wonders in the storyline. If that is the plan on television, it is impossible in reality. WALTER can’t come to the USA because of the COVID-19 travel ban.

Adam Cole has 13% of the vote, so the NXT Champion is still in the running.

Karrion Kross has 23% of the vote which is more likely because you never know who he’ll attack next. Cameron Grimes must not seem very menacing because he only scored 5% of the vote. 25% of fans think it’s someone else. The biggest question is who did it.

Who do you think attacked Finn Balor? Sound off in the comments below!

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