The Revival scratched and clawed their way up WWE’s tag team rankings to become legit Top Guys. Vince McMahon might have never seen them that way, but he still fought for them to stay.

During Talk Is Jericho, Dax Hardwood said that they’re not sure WWE even wanted them to begin with. The desire was apparently to keep The Revival from leaving when Vince McMahon knew that AEW could provide them with another opportunity.

“I don’t know if they actually wanted us, I just think the threat of us leaving when there was another company that’s getting a lot of buzz, a lot of press, they didn’t want that. I think they knew there was opportunity for us outside of WWE and I think they just wanted to keep us away from that opportunity.”

We’ll have to see if Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler show up in AEW after all. They didn’t return during this week’s Dynamite tapings. The Young Bucks are widely thought to be the former Revival’s first opponents, but neither Jackson brother was able to make this week’s Jacksonville taping.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote