WWE Reportedly Turning RAW Superstar Heel


WWE made some big decisions after WrestleMania. They moved Apollo Crews over to RAW and then put a spotlight on him. He was in the Money In The Bank ladder match, but then he was pulled from that big opportunity due to a storyline injury. They’ve been planning something for Apollo Crews.

Wrestling News reports that WWE’s current plan is to turn Apollo Crews heel. The seeds were planted last week while showing frustration after his kayfabe injury. The plan was to turn Apollo even sooner, but then the decision was made to trade him over to RAW.

“They are turning him. He was going to turn on [Chad] Gable before Vince decided to move him back to RAW.”

Shorty G hasn’t been seen for a while. There is a rumor that he could be involved in the SmackDown hacker angle in some way. We’ll have to see what the blue brand has in store for him.

Apollo Crews’ injury was not legitimate. He will likely be on WWE RAW, and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he ends up joining the heel side of the roster.

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