Chris Jericho On Where Recently Released WWE Superstars Will Land

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Chris Jericho is Le Champion of AEW even if he’s not the current AEW World Champion. WWE is no longer his employer, but he is well aware that so many in WWE lost their jobs on April 15th.

While speaking to TV Insider, he stated that it’s an interesting time in the pro wrestling business. Things were going great and new heights were being reached. Then the novel coronavirus pandemic destroyed everyone’s plan.

Jericho stated that he doesn’t know what All Elite Wrestling has planned for anyone who recently became a free agent. Some recently released Superstars may need to go to Japan. He certainly hopes everyone lands on their feet and gets signed somewhere.

“It’s an interesting time right now because a lot of guys got released. By proxy, you went from a business that was very profitable in many different levels to everything grinding to a halt. Hopefully, many of them will get picked up by different companies.”

“Some guys may have to go overseas. I don’t know what AEW has planned. That’s not really my wheelhouse. But I’m sure everybody is going to land where they should land. It’s just how it goes.”

You never know who might end up in AEW. Cody Rhodes and Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) are very close friends and Cardona recently used a popular AEW attorney to lock down some trademarks.

There’s always the possibility that Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler will end up in AEW as well. “FTR” filled the sky at the of Being The Elite this week for a reason.

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