WATCH PCO Inject LYSOL Into His Arm Before Setting Cross On Fire


PCO is not human and he just proved that in a big way. He’s also not very keen on listening to actual medical advice.

Pierre Carl Ouellet heard what President Trump said about injecting Lysol and he took it seriously. The ROH star recently uploaded a new video showing himself injecting the cleaning solution like NOBODY SHOULD EVER DO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSANCES!

Perfect Vaccine for Perfect Creation One ! Many thanks to @realDonaldTrump for working along with D.Destro for the @ringofhonor Monster PCO IS definitely NOT HUMAN !!#President #Lysol #Petrol #coronavirus #ThatsMyMonster

Please note that you should NEVER put a cleaning solution like Lysol, bleach, hand sanitizer, or anything else like that inside your body. PCO is not human so he can apparently get away with this.

After PCO had Lysol injected in himself, he seemed satisfied. He said they are going to kill the coronavirus. Then they showed a tombstone that said “Corona” on it.

During the next scene, PCO took a mouthful of gasoline and spit it on a cross to set it on fire. This was quite a disturbing video and we can’t suggest that anyone recreate any portion of what he did.

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