WWE Non-Compete Clauses ‘Aren’t As Solid’ For All Recently Released Superstars

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WWE axed a number of on-air talent and a ton of staff from backstage and the offices. The Superstars who were let go all had non-compete clauses attached to their releases. Those clauses apparently aren’t the same across the board.

WWE NXT Superstars were given a 30-day non-compete clause. Main roster Superstars have a 90-day period of non-compete. Fightful Select noted that not all NXT Superstars are being held to the same strict 30-day rule.

To follow up on the WWE releases, the NXT no-compete dates aren’t as solid as originally told to the talent. Some were given “rough” non-competes slightly beyond the 30 days.  

It was originally reported that released NXT Superstars will be permitted to do anything else they like during their 30-day non-compete clause. There isn’t much of a risk of anyone performing at a pro wrestling show since WWE and AEW are the only companies running right now.

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