Velveteen Dream’s name appeared in the news today as he allegedly sent an explicit photo to a minor. Dream claims that this photo was stolen and a third party is now looking into the matter.

A new situation has come to light in Velveteen Dream’s life that just recently happened as well. This situation included Dream avoiding a charge for criminal mischief.

On November, 30th, 2019 a man named Edgar Rodriguez reported criminal mischief and Velveteen Dream was a person of interest. Rodriguez’s 2015 Infiniti QX70 was parked on North Magnolia Avenue. When he got back to his car he discovered that his driver’s window was smashed. This was caught by the building’s surveillance system.

The footage showed a man who looked like it could have been Velveteen Dream. The culprit was wearing a pink shirt and dark colored pants and he was motioning as if he was smashing a window. Then this alleged culprit took off in a blue Ford Mustang.

On December 18th, Rodriguez contacted an officer claiming that he saw the same man in the parking garage. This man he claimed was the offender was Velveteen Dream. The WWE NXT Superstar was also ID’ed in a police lineup. The Ford Mustang’s license plate also showed that it was registered to Dream.

The damage was stated to equal $1800 according to the warrant affidavit. A warrant was then issued for Velveteen Dream’s arrest for criminal mischief with a bail set at $1,000 on February 11th.

On that same day of February 11th, it was stated by the state of Florida that after an investigation it was the “opinion of the writer this case is not suitable for prosecution.” The order stated that Velveteen Dream would be released and if he was incarcerated “no other charges or holds” should be held against him.

Fightful reports that “the warrant was returned unserved on February 12 and no further action was pursued by the Orlando PD.”

It wasn’t made clear why this situation changed so dramatically in Velveteen Dream’s favor.

Felix Upton

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