The Godfather On Vince McMahon’s Support Of Marijuana In WWE


WWE has a wellness policy, but marijuana won’t cause anyone to be suspended if they test positive. There is a $2,500 fine and no questions are asked after that. The Godfather is an advocate for marijuana and he recently revealed that Vince McMahon is as well.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, The Godfather discussed Vince McMahon’s support of marijuana. The Chairman has never openly supported marijuana, but The Godfather stated that McMahon would show his support if it were made legal.

“Well, I’m not gonna go that far but Vince is up on the times. If cannabis were to become legal, then he would have no problem supporting it. He supported it when I was there. I’ve never smoked with Vince or seen Vince smoke.”

Chris Jericho once told a story about how Vince McMahon lit up a joint in front of Donald Trump while at a concert. Godfather seemed to paint a similar picture of Vince McMahon.

What do you think about Vince McMahon supporting marijuana? Sound off in the brand new comments below!

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