Lana’s WWE Status Following Rusev’s Release

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Rusev was released from WWE, but he might be okay with that. He is still married to Lana in real life even though she threw shade at him online.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that “we were told as far as the main roster, that all of the cuts have been made.” There won’t be any more releases to main roster RAW and SmackDown Superstars.

Lana recently signed a five-year multi-million dollar contract with WWE. It was especially noted that WWE is not letting Lana go. They axed Rusev, but Lana is staying with the company.

It remains to be seen regarding WWE’s NXT brand. More released names are expected to be revealed. The NXT UK roster can’t runs shows at all right now. They are also making incredibly low amounts of money.

Rusev’s release might eventually cause another pro wrestling couple where spouses are signed to different companies. Rusev’s name is valuable, even as Miro because everyone knows him. He’s the character and not the name. Someone will sign Miro eventually, but right now might not be the best time to hand out new contracts. Nobody was also planning for WWE to suddenly drop 20 new free agents into the open market either.

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