Kurt Angle Says This Is The ‘Calm Before The Storm’ In Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus is not slowing down as more deaths are recorded around the world. Sadly, social distancing and isolation is easier said than done for some people. Kurt Angle is aware of what is going on and he had some words of wisdom on the matter.

The Olympic Hero tweeted out that we are presently in “the calm before the storm.” People all over the world need to do what they can to stop the novel coronavirus’ spread.

Angle said that the world will be a better place than it was before. It will take a lot of responsible choices like wearing masks, isolation, and being aware and considerate of others to make that happen.

Many of us are struggling right now. We are unsure of our future, due to this pandemic. As of right now… this is the calm before the storm. Because we will bounce back, and will end up in a better place than we were before. Believe!!!! #Prayer #Faith #Hope #Positivity

Things might get even worse, but hope isn’t going away. Pro wrestling isn’t stopping either as WWE continues with live programming. Ringside News will be here for you too and we thank you for reading.

We can only hope that Kurt Angle is right and things will be even better eventually. The coronavirus already changed the world forever. Masks are becoming a part of American society and handshakes are out.

What do you think about Kurt Angle’s message? When do you think it will be safe to return to life as usual? Will things be even better when it happens? Sound off in the comments below!

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