Johnny Gargano Teases Main Roster Switch

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On this week’s episode of NXT, Johnny Gargano finally put the last nail in the coffin of his feud with Tommaso Ciampa – in NXT, at least.

While it wasn’t universally praised in the same way that their past matches were, it’s safe to say that Gargano made a real statement before riding off into the sunset with Candice LeRae.

Now, it appears as if he’s going to be turning his attention to something new.

While he didn’t explicitly say he’s going to make the jump over to RAW or SmackDown, the fact that there are no titles left in NXT for him to win tells you everything you need to know.

If he is going to make that jump, putting over Killer Kross before it happens would be a great way to say farewell to the brand that he’s helped to define in the last few years.

Whether that actually happens, though, remains to be seen.

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