Natalya Wants To See NXT Star On Main Roster

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Natalya may not be in the prime of her career anymore, but she’s still one of the most decorated female stars in the company today.

She can also put on a great match, too, and if she’s able to get someone over in the process, then that’s the best case scenario for everyone involved.

Now, she’s even campaigning for certain girls to officially make their way up to the main roster from NXT.

Aliyah has struggled to make a consistent impact in NXT for years now, but given the current landscape, she could really start to make some waves if they give her character a chance to shine.

She was able to more than hold her own against Nattie, and that’s a statement in itself.

Whether or not she’s ever able to win the NXT Women’s Championship, though, is a different matter altogether.

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