Kevin Owens Reveals Why WWE RAW After WrestleMania Promo Was His Favorite Ever

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Kevin Owens had a very good WrestleMania 36. He defeated Seth Rollins and got to pull off a sick dive off the WrestleMania sign. KO really enjoyed his segment during the RAW after WrestleMania as well.

Owens appeared in a promo during RAW this week. Later on, he tweeted out that this was his favorite promo ever because it was shot by his wife on her fancy camera.

This is my favorite promo ever because it was shot by my favorite person. (It was my wife! She shot it with her fancy camera!)

Kevin Owens lives in Florida so hopefully, it won’t be much trouble for him to make the Performance Center tapings that WWE has lined up. This is a very interesting time in pro wrestling history. At least Kevin Owens was able to shoot that promo as it seems to have meant a lot to him.

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