Matt Hardy Congratulates Bray Wyatt After WrestleMania 36

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Bray Wyatt was finally able to earn the redemption he’d been desperately seeking for six years when he beat, in every definition of the word, John Cena.

It was one of the most bizarre matches we’d seen in years, working well alongside The Undertaker vs AJ Styles from Night 1 in their classic Boneyard Match.

One man who was watching closely last night was none other than Bray’s former ally Matt Hardy.

In more ways than one, Hardy was the guy who laid the foundations for people like Bray and Taker to have matches as creative as they did.

Matt wasn’t the only AEW star watching WrestleMania with Chris Jericho also tuning in, and it was certainly worth their time given how crazy the whole thing turned out being.

Will we ever see these two in the same ring again? Only time will tell.

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