WWE Censors John Cena’s Comments About Bray Wyatt From SmackDown Promo

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John Cena experienced a little taste of the Firefly Fun House on SmackDown this week. Prior to his brief and strange encounter with Bray Wyatt, John Cena had something to say. WWE didn’t want him to say as much as he did for some reason.

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Cena cut a promo before SmackDown, but some of his words hit the cutting room floor after WWE put up the uncut promo. WWE took the promo down and re-uploaded the edited version.

Thankfully, we have a copy of the unedited version with the words that WWE cut out.

“I know The Fiend operates off of fear, but I also know The Fiend is Bray Wyatt, is Husky Harris, is a guy in a mask. I’m not afraid of The Fiend, and I’m not afraid to say that I’m not afraid of The Fiend.”

Obviously, WWE didn’t want John Cena exposing Bray Wyatt as the former Husky Harris. This is very interesting, especially considering the fact that Huskus The Pig Boy owes his namesake to Husky Harris. It was still too hot for WWE’s social media.

Thanks to Comic Book for the quote

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