Hangman Page & Sami Zayn Discuss Realizing Their Own Insignificance

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AEW held television tapings from the Nightmare Factory in Georgia, but Hangman Page couldn’t make it to Norcross for the show. He seemed pretty bummed about it too, but he’s not alone.

Page tweeted out how he’s not an essential employee. Instead of wrestling, he spent the night eating pork rinds and having an existential crisis.

eating pork rinds and having an existential crisis in which i realize my life’s work is not ‘essential’ and will fade into nothingness like some asshole’s puff of vape smoke in the second floor c wing bathroom.

anyway, have a great thursday.

Sami Zayn saw this tweet and he had some advice to give. He said that Hangman’s first mistake was believing that being a pro wrestler meant that he had “some kind of special value as a human being to begin with.”

It seems like Sami Zayn is doing a lot of thinking along with “Hangman” Adam Page. In the process they might be having some personal breakthroughs.

The first mistake was ever believing pro wrestling gave you some kind of special value as a human being to begin with. We’ve all done it though. Few recognize their own insignificance, especially when they are in the thick of it, so congrats on that. Hope you’re well!

Hopefully, Page and Zayn are both doing well in this current situation. That goes for anyone reading. These are trying times, but pro wrestling isn’t going away.

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